10 Day clean eating difficulty recap

Hello! How’s it going? Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the clean eating difficulty I did as well as what I ate. It was great for me to stop eating treats every day. I don’t understand when it occurred however I realized I was eating some kind of dessert after lunch as well as dinner (and randomly throughout the day). It wasn’t out of hunger it was just convenience, fun, taste… as well as I wished to shut it down as well as get back to intuitive eating as well as a healthy diet.

The ‘official’ Herbal Cleanse is the very first 10 days of the 24 day challenge.
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I didn’t even recognize people only did the very first part of the difficulty up until my good friend Chandra did it a while back. She states she can’t do the whole 24 days (she likes a great pleased hour, however who doesn’t?) so she’s done Camiseta Selección de fútbol de México the 10 day cleanse to reset her diet plan as well as get back on track.

We agreed to do it together as well as keep each other accountable by inspecting in with updates, photos as well as our difficulties on What’s App. That truly helped! If you do any type of type of diet plan difficulty certainly think about asking a good friend if they want to do it with you as well as keep each other on track.

And yeah, you don’t have to do a ‘real’ cleanse to do a healthy eating difficulty with your friends. just select the ‘rules’, the timeline as well as exactly how you’ll inspect in – then opt for it!

We agreed that we weren’t shooting for perfection, just progress. So our healthy eating difficulty guidelines were as follows…

1. No directly up junk food / crap. This includes: chips, fried food, cookies, candy, cake, chocolate covered Doritos, ice cream…

2. No alcohol. This includes: Sangria – even though it can technically be thought about a fruit smoothie.

3. indeed to eating: lean protein, veggies, fruit, low fat dairy, whole grains.

The focus was on ‘eating clean’, which can imply different things to everyone. I was alright with things that were processed like yogurt, however did try to focus on whole foods.

The hardest part for me was not eating random chocolate or cereal. The hardest part for Chandra was not drinking alcohol, particularly since she had some company dinners during the cleanse.

I didn’t take photos of whatever I ate, however did try to do a few “What I Ate” blog messages to share ideas. I’m alright with eating the exact same thing daily during the week. I like to modification it up as well as go out to eat on weekends however can most likely eat the exact same breakfast as well as lunch 6 days a week for 2 years before I get tired of it. So, the ‘what I ate’ messages don’t have a great deal of range – however that’s exactly how I like it.

Typical Day on 10 Day Cleanse:

Pre-workout: Iced Coffee* as well as toast if I was hungry. Some days I’d avoid it, other days I’d have 2 pieces plus a banana.

Breakfast: eco-friendly smoothie with protein powder, spinach, almond milk as well as topped with almonds as well as apples.

Snack: stimulate (and fruit or nuts if I was hungry). I was typically able to avoid a morning snack since the protein shake & nuts kept me full.

Lunch: huge salad with leftover chicken, hummus as well as carrots

Snack: Yogurt, popcorn, nuts, toast with PB.

Dinner: Roasted veggies (usually broccoli as well as cauliflower), poultry or fish, wonderful potato or corn tortillas.

Dessert: hot tea with stevia as well as milk. Some nights yogurt or fruit if I desired something else.

*During the 24 Day difficulty you don’t drink coffee as well as switch it out for stimulate in the morning. I still drink coffee because I don’t believe it’s ‘bad’ or hurting my diet. however if you want to stay with the guidelines 100%, avoid coffee as well as drink Spark.*

(The photo below is in a sports-bra. Doesn’t it look like a routine bra? I purchased it from Brooks online.)

Results: I am truly pleased with exactly how rapidly I was able to get back to eating much more fruits as well as veggies as well as less random donuts as well as cookies. I wasn’t ideal however cutting back on unnecessary junk made me feel like I lost weight. I may have just gotten rid of junk food bloating, however whatever – I felt better!

I didn’t drink alcohol during the challenge, which is great too. good to understand I’m not a total alcoholic. #kidding

I am pleased that I kept myself accountable as well as made it a concern to select fruit when I would typically eat a cookie. The calorie count was most likely around the exact same – however I was eating much more vitamins as well as less processed flour Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Suiza as well as sugar.

Half method with the difficulty Chandra was down 3 pounds as well as it was motivating to stay on track. The check-ins certainly helped.

Now I’m goingto try as well as get back to a great balance of 80% healthy as well as 20% sangria (or whatever seems like a great lil treat that day).

Question: Do you have a good friend you speak with about RUNNING or EATING?

Yes, I speak with SR about running, Chandra about eating as well as vegas about not judging me when I’m eating chocolate in bed.


You can get much more information or purchase the 10 Day Cleanse here

You can get much more information or purchase the 24 Day difficulty here





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