6 Races in 6 Weeks thoughts as well as Why I Can’t just opt for a BQ goal Race

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I just completed 6 weeks of back to back half marathons as well as marathons. That is 3 full marathons, 3 half marathons as well as a 5k as well as 10k thrown in for great measure.

Long beach Marathon

Runner’s world 5k, 10k as well as half Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

New York City Marathon

Disney red wine as well as Dine Marathon

RnR Las vegas half Marathon

I was able to total these races without injury or a anxious breakdown for a few reasons…

1. I did not run hard. celebration hard, maybe. however run difficult – no. understanding that I had one more race next weekend I had to be conventional in my effort. I ran each race based on exactly how I felt that provided day.

I didn’t set particular goals before the races as well as played it by feel on the course.

My only goal was to be able to surface all the races without injury. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to do it because even though I run A LOT, I haven’t run that much in such a short time before. because many of these races were sponsored for RER I had the pressure of truly needing to surface them as well as not wanting to back out.

So, I didn’t push it at any type of race as well as focused on the experience as well as tried to keep in mind every moment. I took pictures. I took video. I soaked it as much as delight in every single mile.

Marine Corps Marathon Video

New York City Marathon Video

2. I focused on recovery. before the 6 race series I made a healing plan for myself. I was not able to comply with it for every race, however I did get an ice bath after long Beach, MCM as well as NYCM which helped. full marathons are extremely rough on your body!!

I likewise drank a ton of vitamin C which ever method I might get it. I tried to catch up on sleep when I was home. I just did my finest provided the very rough circumstances…

3. I ran for 7 years to train for this.

I have been running for over 7 years. My performance at this point isn’t about one training cycle – it is about the accumulation of years of running (without a considerable break). My body is utilized to it since of all the miles as well as months as well as muscle mass memory.

I wouldn’t suggest somebody else run this much in 6 weeks since it does put you at danger for injury. Running 6 races, however then being off because of injury for 8+ weeks is not worth it. But, I understand my body as well as I understand the indications my legs provide me when they are getting dissatisfied so I understood I might deal with it and/or evaluate what to do if my body desired a break.

(This is the part where I remind you not to compare yourself as well as do your own thing. listen to your body, not some complete stranger on the internet.)

Now what?

Well. Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos I am unfortunate it’s over.  I want to run a race every weekend – it was fun!

These races were outstanding accomplishments as well as I am very happy of completing this personal challenge! now it’s time to set a new goal.

My present marathon pr is less than 3 minutes away from the Boston Qualifying time. I want to “BQ” next year. But, understanding myself as well as my body I can’t just set a training plan as well as pick one race to opt for it. My running performance is unpredictable – it 94% depends upon exactly how my body feels on race day. This is not an reason – the long beach Marathon ought to have been an outstanding race day, however I wasn’t feeling great. Then, I ran two back to back marathons that where 15 minutes different for no concrete reason…

Oct 27 – MCM Marathon = 3:56

Nov 3 – NYCM = 3:41

NYCM was on very exhausted legs, so it ought to have been a great deal slower. however nope, I just felt excellent that day.

I can eat the exact same thing, get the exact same sleep, pray the exact same prayers as well as my body will still show up different on any type of provided race day. I am extremely grateful my body takes me so numerous miles as well as am not upset that this happens. I recognize it’s kinda weird, so I set my goals accordingly. I will begin training for a pr marathon next week however I am not setting a goal race.

I’ll indication up for Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Estados Unidos Camiseta Juventus a few great deal of races in spring 2014 as well as play it by feel concerning speed as well as goals. I’m not concerned about it, however have got a great dealof concerns about this so I believed I’d share my very comprehensive Type-A marathon training technique . That, or I’ll just do my thing as well as see what happens. No big.

We’re all different. Please do what works for you in life, liberty as well as the pursuit.

Question: What would you do 6 times in a row?



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