Artificial sweeteners as well as flavor enhancers are harmful

artificial sweeteners as well as flavor enhancers are dangerous
by Dr. David Jockers

(NaturalNews) because of our society’s like of sugar, scientists have been able to synthetically create artificial sweeteners as well as flavor enhancers. These artificial sweeteners provide us the exact same enjoyment as sugar without the calories as well as harmful impacts on insulin signaling as well as triglyceride formation. This includes aspartame, acefultame potassium, monosodium glutamate, sucralose as well as numerous others. Unfortunately, these artificial sweeteners as well as flavor enhancers break down into extremely toxic chemical agents that damage essential regions of the body.

Ideal sweeteners are developed in nature as well as are minimally processed. These would include organic sugar, stevia, raw honey, Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Senegal maple syrup, etc. The higher the processing the much more harmful the sweetener can potentially be. artificial sweeteners are commonly devised totally in a lab or they begin as sugar as well as go through large processing. a few of the most harmful artificial sweeteners & flavor enhancers include the following:

Aspartame: originally authorized in 1981 for utilize in food is 200 times sweeter than sugar. It is composed of 50 percent phenylalanine, 40 percent aspartic acid as well as 10 percent methanol. Excess phenylalanine has been shown to interrupt typical serotonin levels in the anxious system which can lead to depressive, emotional & psychotic disorders. individuals who continually take in aspartame will have elevated phenylalanine.

Aspartic acid: an excitotoxin that actually over excites neurons as well as destroys cells. Methanol is likewise a neurotoxin as well as its absorption is likewise enhanced when aspartame is heated above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating breaks methanol into formaldehyde which damages the anxious system as well as is extremely carcinogenic.

Acefultame Potassium: This artificial sweetener is commonly times utilized in combination with other artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and/or aspartame to mask any type of type of after taste. This sweetener has been shown to stimulate insulin secretions even though it does not boost blood sugar. elevated insulin boosts inflammation as well as hampers immunity. because Acefultame does not boost blood sugar this insulin reaction can stimulate reactive hypoglycemia. It has been linked to leukemia, breast cancer, thymus cancer as well as chronic respiratory diseases.

Sucralose: This artificial sweetener is marketed as if it came
from natural sugar. However, it is extremely processed with three chlorine
atoms that damage the microflora within the human gut. The Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Bélgica biochemist
Dr. James Bown states “sucralose is just chlorinated sugar.” Sucralose
has been shown to damage the thymus gland as well as inflame the liver and
kidneys. Chlorine is a natural anti-septic that harms the human gut and
destroys microflora leading to candida formation, irritable bowel
syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, obesity as well as cachexia.

Sodium Benzoate: This is a type of water soluble preservative salt that
is produced by adding sodium hydroxide as well as benzoic acid. It is discovered in
many soft drinks, energy drinks as well as other processed foods as well as drinks.
Sodium Benzoate usage has been strongly linked with
neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD as well as inflammatory disorders
such as asthma. The combination of sodium benzoate as well as ascorbic acid
(vitamin C) which is rather typical in soft drinks as well as prominent energy
drinks produces the extremely carcinogenic compound benzene. Benzene is
linked with numerous major cancers such as leukemia as well as lymphoma.

Monosodium glutamate: This incredibly harmful flavor enhancer as well as preservative is utilized Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia in numerous canned as well as packaged foods. The Arizona center for advanced medicine has specified that it promotes the growth of cancer cells as well as is extremely neurotoxic in the body. other studies have linked it to liver damage, chronic inflammation, chronic pain as well as weight loss resistance. It is commonly included under deceptive names such as autolyzed yeast extract, natural flavorings, soy protein, whey protein isolate, etc.

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