Easy No Bake Mint N’ Chip Pie recipe

If you only know ONE thing about me it must be that I love ice cream a lot more than I love anything or any individual else. (Sorry, mommy but it’s true…)

And if you want to know two things about me…
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Well, then you need to get me a double shot of vodka and I’ll spill secrets faster than a TMZ reporter.

BUT that comes with a warning:

Don’t get me a lot more than 4 shots unless you’re ready to bail me out of a Mexican prison.

Long story. Don’t judge.

Anyway, back to the desserts…

Today is national chocolate Mint Day. but I don’t want a mint… I want mint n’ chip!

I need the chocolate to really dominate in a dish and I feel like chocolate MINTS lead with Camiseta Corinthians Paulista the minty taste. (I’ve put a lot of thought and research into this.)

Lesson: Lead with your strengths. -> If you are a dessert, lead with CHOCOLATE.

If you are Mexican lead with your tamales (unless it’s chocolate Mint day).

So in honor of national chocolate Mint Day here’s a incredibly easy Mint N’ Chip Pie  recipe to satisfy all your chocolate and mint lovin’ needs.

Easy Mint N’ Chip Pie Recipe

This dessert is a little lighter than a lot of pies because it calls for greek yogurt instead of butter or cream.  I love incorporating Greek yogurt into dessert recipes because the added protein helps give it some staying power and keep ya full! double task dessert


2.5 cups Greek Yogurt (plain or vanilla depending on how sweet you like it)

1 package sf Cheesecake or Vanilla Pudding Mix

1/2 tsp peppermint extract (not too much, start with less and add a drop as needed)

Green Food Coloring

1 cup tiny chocolate Chips (save 2 Tb for top)

Chocolate Pie crust (premade)

Cool Whip

Directions: mix yogurt and pudding mix thoroughly. add peppermint and green food coloring to your desired taste/color. stir in chocolate chips (leaving 2 Tb for top).

Spread in pie crust. top with container of cool Whip.

Sprinkle remaining chocolate chips on top and place in freezer for at least 1 hour to set.

Take out of freezer about 10-20  minutes before serving to let soften. (Not too long or it gets runny!)


Question: Pie or Cake?

Me: Cake. Unless there’s no cake and then pie.



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