Gourmet Day

Ben stated we had a gourmet day today!  It started out typical with a huge yogurt bowl. I always am hungry on the day after a long run so I made sure to stack this with fruit, yogurt, a great deal of cereal as well as PB.

I likewise “cleaned” this almond butter jar with a spoon. I was going to put the yogurt bowl in this, however I put it in the micro for a second as well as it sparked, which scared me. however I still ate the AB ?
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Bad news though, TJ’s was out of my valuable AB yesterday. I almost triggered a scene as well as was about to either shout or cry when I verified it with an employee. I decided I wished to be welcome in TJ’s Camiseta River Plate one more day so I held it in.

Then, I got a flash of lost at church. They showed a video where Desmond was Jesus. I wished to ask the person by me if they realized this too, so I did. Luckily, that person was Ben ?

After church we packed a lunch as well as had a picnic at a regional park.

I packed a salad in my hummus container. I utilize hummus containers like other peeps utilize almost empty nut butter jars. It was full of veggies, hummus as well as beans – great deals of beans.

This park is big as well as since Ben hadn’t been there before  I conned him into walking around the entire lake.  I like taking a long walk after eating.

I like the bit geese infants every where.

After we walked off lunch we were prepared for round two!

Ben has been wanting to try the Iron Bridge wine Co. for a while. A co-worker told him fantastic things about it as well as we’ve passed by a few times, however it’s never worked out. Well, today it seemed like the perfect afternoon snack!

Ben got a flight that I assisted him with… I really truly liked two out of three of these. normally I order my own wine as well as then pawn it off on him if I don’t like it. Today was the opposite ?

We ordered the Eggs Chesapeake since I’ve never had Eggs Benedict as well as this likewise had crab (my new obsession). since this location is elegant the parts were completely sized as well as it was just sufficient to have a few bites for a taste.

I swear Ben suggested dessert as well as decided on the Brownie Sundae! I understand he did it since that’s what I love, however I desired him to order what he desired so he would eat more of it! Luckily, he did.

Hot brownies with vanilla gelato, is there anything better?

No. The response is no.

Then, we went to Ellicott City to walk around as well as enjoy the old timey area ?

A stop at the bit French Market was necessary for a refreshment…

This location is adorable. as well as look at that guy sitting outside waiting on me…

Fun fact: Ben can only do a French accent. One time I asked him to do an Australian accent as well as all he did was say, “Huh huh huh, do you want to see my koala? My back lawn has a kangaroo…” In a French accent. I told him listing Australian animals in a French accent doesn’t work.

I got a decaf misto…

…and a granola cookie! See, I told you it was a day of great eats! This cookie might have been better. I am going to recreate it (better) soon ?

YUM! Today was a fantastic day of food as well as fun with my guy.  We just completed dinner as well as now I’m going to watch crappy TV as well as recharge up until Monday morning.

Oh, I almost forgot! happy Mother’s Day to all you moms available ?

And a special happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I like you!



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