Is This cat Curvy or Pregnant??

Hello! How’s it going? Today was an easy day from running so I hit the road for 6 miles and then did some 21 day fix – then my Internet decided I could go F myself and stopped working. thanks Al Gore. I restarted it and called my provider WHILE eating POPCORN because that’s what you do when your Internet breaks and you can’t workout.

Post-run and popcorn I had a green smoothie.
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I have a lot of projects due this week and next so I’m super stressed about getting things done before I leave for my trip. I was super productive today but still have a pile o’ stuff to do.

I tried to postpone lunch so I could finish a blog post before taking a break. A little snack and spark drink helped (as did a mini-Instagram break).

And in other important food news – Costco has been carrying this big jar of Nutzo for the longest. I wanted to buy it when Camiseta Flamengo I first saw it but it’s $16.99 and a little too expensive if I don’t end up liking it.

Well – they were sampling it yesterday so I got to try it without the $17 commitment. Boom.

It is good but not as good as my favorite Trader Camiseta SSC Napoli Joe’s Almond Butter. So I didn’t get it.

Okay let’s talk about this new cat issue. It’s not vegas – as he’s a male.

Two weeks ago I met this cat – I think I posted about him / her on my Instagram stories. He is super friendly and let me pet him – which is rare for random cats.

Well, I saw him/her again yesterday and he’s super friendly. It was hot so I gave him some water. I’m worried about him but he isn’t skinny.

I’m not making judgments on his body – he is beautiful just like this.

But I just made that observation because if he’s curvy – then he probably has a home or is at least being fed. Right?

If she’s Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos pregnant then I need to figure out how to hide a pregnant cat in my 1 bedroom tiny place.

The big question is – how can I tell if she is a curvy cat or a pregnant cat?

The second big question is – Do you want a cat?



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