Long beach Marathon results as well as the issue with utilizing a Race As a training Run

Hello! I ran the long beach Marathon yesterday. It went alright as well as I’m up at 5am not sore whatsoever the next day – so I’ll take it. Did you run this weekend? How’d it go?

I haven’t run a full marathon because the Jerusalem Marathon method back in March so I believed I failed to remember the drill. I organized on utilizing the LB Marathon as a training run for Revel as well as other races I have coming up with the end of the year. because it’s been so long (relative to what I typically run) because I’d done a full 26.2 miles I wasn’t sure where my body was fitness-wise.
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The issue with running a full Camiseta Paris Saint-Germain marathon as a training run:

– You don’t taper as much as you do for a goal race as well as may show up a bit tired

– You’re not at goal physical fitness level as well as requirement to be wise with pace

– It can be discouraging if you have a hard/bad race

– You requirement to bounce back quicker since you still have much more training to do

I tried to keep all these things in mind, however it still got in my head a bit bit that my legs were just so exhausted toward the end.

The night before the race I laid out all my ‘running should haves’:

Sunblock  / stimulate / visor / energy Gels / shot blocks / Chapstick / sun glasses / Headphones  / Running belt / prayers

I woke up before my alarm about 3:30am.

Instead of laying there trying to sleep one more 5 minutes I got up as well as prepared to go.

I’ve run the long beach Marathon a number of times before, however this was my very first time driving solo as well as handling parking. I was anxious since in the past I’ve been dropped off near the begin as well as ended up anxiously hitting up the restrooms as well as rushing to the begin line since I was late!

The year before last I carpooled with StuftMama as well as that was great. I like when somebody else is in fee of logistics since I’m poor at that game. (Semi-related: I was having a difficult time in life around then as well as if not for the truth that I understood she was choosing me up I most likely would have bailed on the race. I randomly believed about that this weekend as well as let her understand I appreciated it. She was just being a buddy as well as didn’t recognize exactly how much that assisted me.) *Here is the recap for long beach that year.


I did it! I drove, parked as well as got to the porta potties with lots of time to spare! Boom.

Since the full marathon started at 6am as well as the half didn’t begin up until 7:30am the porta lines were short as well as it wasn’t very congested at the starting Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Polonia line.

Long beach likewise provides a Bike trip choice where you can bike 26.2 miles.

Fun fact: I did the bike race in college Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Japón with my bf at the time. It was my very first race!! I tried to get a gel from a volunteer at one point as well as failed miserably. I’m not great at cycling.

The race: The long beach program is relatively flat according to their elevation chart. There are 2 overpasses early in the race (I believe before mile 4) as well as then it’s quite flat from 5 to around 14. however the hills that are on the program are at crappy times when I’m fading already. around Cal specify long beach I’m exhausted as well as there is a great stable climb leaving the institution for a while. This wrecks me every single time. however I like long beach so I keep coming back to run it!

Not So fun Fact: SR understands this as well as teases me for doing LB when it wrecks me. as well as I satisfied a visitor at the starting line as well as randomly told them this race kills me however I keep coming back. <- not positive mindset to have before the race. I’ve been working on my ‘head game’ with running as well as this was the total opposite of that. stop working Monican! I felt alright the very first half of the race. I didn’t feel fantastic as well as tried to keep my speed sluggish since I understood I wasn’t in 100% shape for a full. as well as my tummy was a bit off so I tried to handle that. I ran strong up until about mile 18 as well as then started walking with the aid stations as well as a few of the huge hills. Oh, as well as I stopped as well as went to the restroom. now that I was so close to a sub-4 hour I believe I ought to have skipped that! Darn. I am happy that I ran the full as well as that I did run strong for many of it. It was difficult the entire time between mile 21 as well as 26, however that’s where I am with my training best now to ensure that makes sense. I did believe I was in much better shape, however that’s the point of utilizing this race as training – to get a genuine concept of where I am. Long beach Marathon finish: 4:00:57 Saw this runner permit plate on the method to my vehicle – indeedit is Runday! After the race I wobbled to my vehicle as well as went to my parents’ home to utilize their pool as an ice bath. because I had already gotten so much sun I stood in the water as much as my midsection covered in a towel as well as inspected Instagram. I got Chinese food as well as unwinded the rest of the day. There were a great deal of other random eats that missed the camera. general it was a truly delicious, low essential Sunday. Good weekend! great food! great running!! If you ran long beach half /Full / 5K or Chicago Marathon or RnR Brooklyn or any type of other race this weekend – email me a link to your race recap or your Insta / Twitter results publish as well as I’ll do a round up at the end of the week! If your Instagram is you can send me a picture to publish instead. Question: What was the very best thing you did / ate / saw / stated / heard this weekend? ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Share Mail Share

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