National Running Day

It’s national Running Day!

I understand what you’re believing – exactly how do you celebrate national Running Day?
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RUN. (Wait, was that not obvious?)

I did 4 simple / sluggish miles this morning. This is my healing Run after Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia my half Marathon on Monday. I always take it very simple on the run complying with a race.

When I hurt my knee after the Disney world Marathon – the injury didn’t show up up until the run AFTER the race. I’m sure the race is what really hurt me, however it didn’t truly show up up until that complying with week. So, now I take it truly simple the week after a race as well as try to pay interest to all the aches as well as pains (and there are a few!).

Then, you refuel…

It’s likewise Waffle Wednesday, so slathering a waffle with a thick layer of Sunflower Butter is a great choice.


Then, Repeat!

The Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Uruguay national Running Day site has some tips for exactly how to celebrate, however right here are mine.

How to celebrate national Running Day

1. Run

2. Carb load

3.  Register for a race

4. purchase new running shoes

5. checked out a running blog

6. sleep (Hey,runners requirement a great deal of sleep!)

7. laundry your preferred running visor since it stinks.

8. count your toe nails as well as compose it down. (This number will modification after a few months of marathon training.)

9. view your preferred running movie.

10. wear ALL your race medals to work/school/the store. Then, run away from anybody who tries to take you to the crazy hospital.

Question: Why do you run?

I run since I like carb loading.



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