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hey there from Orange County, California! I came back from Fitbloggin’ still high from all the fun, new pals and learning. Then, Roni sent out an email about Fitbloggin local – an opportunity for bloggers throughout the us to make their own local groups to meet up and be friends. incredibly cool, right?!

After a quick twitter vote, some fellow OC bloggers and I have made a decision to make one central Fitbloggin local meet Up it is provided as Rancho Santa Margarita, but we’re thinking about meeting at the Irvine Spectrum or similar locale.
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Five lower Body exercises for Runners! try this quick strength workout at home for your legs, hips and glutes. No equipment needed.

Glute Bridge
Donkey Kicks – alternate sides
Clamshells – alternate sides

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Since Orange county doesn’t have one “big” city I think this is the best way for Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Túnez all local bloggers to centralize. If you are close enough to meet around the Irvine area please join the group so you can Camiseta Montpellier HSC stay updated on our July meet up. (I don’t know why it defaulted to RSM, I don’t even live there.)

Anyone can join the OC Fitbloggin local group, so jump in and we’ll see ya there! You don’t have Camiseta Atletico Madrid to live in the OC either – if you’re in SoCal c’mon down

Plans are TBA, but I vote for fro-yo!!! Yes, this ice cream was dessert tonight…Amazing, but would have been better took pleasure in with pals (not so subtle hint to join our OC meet up and be my friend.)

And if you’re not in Orange County, CA – Go here to find a Fitbloggin local group in your area!



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