Pile on the Miles difficulty 2016

Hello! It’s time for the annual stack on the Miles Challenge!! Are you excited?!

This difficulty assists keep us working out as well as stacking on miles NOT pounds as we get into the holiday season (aka eating season). The point is for you to set a goal that will assist you stay active this month. It can be to workout for a specific number of days, minutes, times a week – anything that assists you stay fit.
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The very first one was in 2009 as well as I won 2nd location for the most miles. I took it over in 2010 as well as would like for you to participate.

What: free on the internet difficulty to move more during turkey month.

Who: everybody is invited to join. everywhere around the world!

When: November 1 – Nov 28

Where: RunEatRepeat.com

Sign up on this type below as well as come back to RunEatRepeat.com daily in November to stay accountable as well as be went into in a drawing for prizes.

Why: difficulty yourself as well as motivate others to move more this month. This is about setting a goal as well as staying accountable with everyday check-ins. It is NOT a competition for the most miles any type of longer – it’s about YOUR Camiseta Gamba Osaka GOALS.

Why part 2: There are remarkable prizes every day!!


The Rules:

1. indication up by completing this form.

You can fill it out via the link or on the type embedded in this post. There will be a location for your name, email as well as goal for the month. Signing up makes you eligible to win the prizes however you must inspect in at the end of each publish with a comment on exactly how you did to be eligible for that day’s  prize. (If you miss a day you  miss that contest however you’re still able to check-in the rest of the days.)

2. set a goal to walk or RUN or move x amount of miles or minutes in November. These might be miles OR a set time on the treadmill OR outside/inside walking or running or cycling… Do your preferred exercise!


I will run 50 miles in November!

I will take a 30 minute walk each day!

I will go to Pilates 3 times a week!

I will walk my neighbor’s dog when they’re at work as well as ideally they won’t phone call the cops again…

3.  Leave a comment on RunEatRepeat.com  every day from the 1st to the 26th to check-in for that day.

Comments on those posts will be went into into that day’s giveaway. You can have a rest day or a day that you needed ‘off’ however you must check-in as well as be accountable to be went into to win.

If it’s a non-workout day you can inspect in with a “Rest Day” or “I’m tragic as well as slept in” or “I have a hangover the flu, send help” comment – it’s about staying honest as well as on track overall.

We’re looking for development NOT perfection – so inspect in daily no matter what to keep the momentum going!!

We are starting Tuesday as Day 1 of the challenge. set your goal today as well as inspect in Tuesday to join in on the contest as well as very first day of check-ins!

Update social network with #RERMiles to check-in as well as keep others pumped up! Go go gooooo!!

You can invite your friends, household as well as followers to join too! Share this picture as well as motivate them to stack on the miles too! There are remarkable giveaways as well as an chance to stay accountable in a appealing time of year.

You can utilize this to add it as a widget:

Question: What is your stack on the Miles goal this year?

Me: Run 40 miles a week.



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