Pile on the Miles Finale as well as Turkey Trot recap with giveaway winners

Hello! I didn’t die (yet).

I don’t understand what the heck occurred however yesterday I just started to feel like my whole body hurt as well as then I DIDN’T want TO eat lunch. <- That never happens. Like, never. even if I barf I’m like, “Boo that sucks. Welp, I’m hungry…” MY newest VIDEOS Running suggestion stay healthy during the COVID19 Outbreak Running suggestion to stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak. Can you run as well as walk outside during the stay at house order? Here's a pointer to assist you prevent touching your deal with ... More Videos 0 seconds of 2 minutes, 25 seconds Next Up Marathon training Day 5 04:34 Live 00:00 08:21 02:25   And that’s exactly how I understood something was truly wrong. I thought about calling 911 however I Camiseta OGC Nice appeared like crap as well as didn’t want any type of adorable paramedics coming over my home so I chose to die in peace with vegas on my lap.

By some Christmas miracle I woke up feeling so much much better as well as so I went back to the typical run, eat routine.

5 miles.

Breakfast. the most essential meal of the day*.

*Tied with lunch as well as dinner.

And why do I have this disgusting bruise?! I have no concept when I got it… musta been playing ninjas in my sleep again.

Yesterday a area SHIP landed at my condo! Luckily, aliens didn’t pop out. Nope. This wonderful ship had the new Brooks Transcend Running shoes inside!
I just kept thinking, “So is this my life? I get area ships with shoes inside provided to my house?!?!” as well awesome.

Inside was the new Transcend running shoe that I believed wasn’t going to be released up until February. obviously it’s from the future I haven’t taken them for a spin, however I am already digging the pink. (They will be in stores Feb 1st.)

The Transcend is replacing the Brooks Trance so if you can’t wait till Feb, the Trance 12 is still available. It’s a stability shoe. inspect with your feets for your perfect footwear.

Pile on the Miles as well as Turkey Trot Recap

I didn’t do a grand finale for the stack on the Miles or Turkey Trot since of T-day as well as the 25 Days of physical fitness difficulty however it is worthy of a mention!

First – huge big huge congratulations to everybody who ran a Turkey Trot last week. team RER ROCKED their races as well as I liked all the race stories I read.

A few sent me photos as well as I wished to share

Ericka before the race

Suegene in pink!

and Maria at the finish!!

Now for the stack on the Miles winners…

Winner of the Puma attire giveaway :

Winner of Camiseta Cerezo Osaka the Clif Bar prize pack:

And at the final inspect in we had tons of comments with people sharing their victories, struggles as well as next goals! I like that everybody set their own goals as well as did their own thing – it’s about staying accountable not comparing as well as I appreciate the positive vibes!

Thank you so much for participating – I hope it assisted keep you on track last month! I would like to do something similar once again in January – let me understand if you have any type of concepts of exactly how we can stack on some miles in January or Camiseta Fluminense do something similar!

Today’s 25 Days of physical fitness difficulty is to take a 15 minute walk at some point today. capture it in during lunch, after dinner or whenever you have a bit bit of time for an additional calorie burn. comply with me on Instagram as well as I’ll inspect in when I take my walk. It’ll be like we’re walking together because I don’t have any type of frens.

Question: When will you be taking your walk? Share it as well as make it happen!



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