Rock N Roll Las vegas half Marathon By the Numbers

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6 races in 6 weeks

3 nights in Las Vegas

3 hours of sleep

1 call to room service

2 ice creams for dessert

7 miles in the morning

7 beverages at night

13.1 miles


8 trips to the buffet*

No, seriously.

267 miles driven home.

1 girl who is ready to sleep for a long time.

And a Partridge in a Pear tree.

Cindy needed Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Catar to be home by 9am this morning for jury duty so we headed out at some ridiculous hour. But, I was HUNGRY. So, a quick Siri search landed Camiseta Leicester City us at the Gold Strike Buffet since it’s open 24 hours. Except, no one knows that except Siri and us. So it was empty.

And at first they told us they were about to close to bring in the breakfast stuff so we had 4 minutes to get food. I’m not exaggerating – the lady said 4 minutes. We rushed to get a ton of food before they shut it down. Then, the manager came out and was super nice and said he’d keep it open for us. (After we had already attacked – see above.)

It was the weirdest restaurant situation ever. We were the only ones there until an elderly couple came in and the guy basically took 12 pieces of bread piled high to his table and put them in his wife’s purse. I can’t make this ish up.

The manager came back out and talked to us for a while and Cindy explained that Camiseta Boca Juniors I was eating like a maniac because of the race. Then, he asked if I WON. and I started laughing and couldn’t stop for 8 minutes.

The end.

Question: how much sleep did you get last night?



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