Skechers LA Marathon weekend Highlights That Don’t include 26.2 Miles

Hello! Yesterday  I ran the Los Angeles Marathon!! but there’s so much more to this big city marathon beyond the actual 26.2 miles of the race – I’m sharing that first. I was invited to work with Skechers Running to cover the race weekend.

We took in some of the best sights, food, art and fun in LA before the trek from ‘Stadium to Sea’.
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The race is nicknamed ‘Stadium Camiseta Olympique Lyonnais to Sea’ because it starts at Dodger stadium and runners end in Santa Monica near the ocean.

Here are some of the highlights of race weekend and LA…

I packed up and headed to LA using my Pre-Race Checklist. Make a list and check it twice – just think of yourself as a runner version of Santa.

Saturday morning we did yoga on the rooftop of the Los Angeles athletic Club.

Everyone in the group was running the race and said something along Camiseta RB Leipzig the lines of “I needed that!!” post-yoga. Marathon training makes you very tight and a good stretch session was exactly what we needed!

Post-yoga we headed to Manuela for brunch.

This place has only been only a few months but already has a reputation for fantastic local sourced food. Luckily, my 10 Day clean eating challenge is over because the biscuit we got with the starter platter was amazing.

We got Deviled Eggs with toast points, The Redneck Platter, Grilled Avocado with Crème Fraiche and Hush-puppies with Molasses Butter (not pictured) to share.

The day before race day your job is to hydrate, fuel and rest. I drank so much iced tea during brunch the waiter gave me one to go. That was super considerate and I really appreciated it.

After brunch we had a short walking tour of the up and coming arts district in LA.

I love LA. sidewalk art was all over this area. I think this I love LA is by Thrashbird.

The Pie hole looked pretty epic but I was so full from brunch I didn’t try anything. That just means I have to go back…

Angel City Brewery is the beer sponsor of heaven – I mean, the Los Angeles Marathon. probably both actually…

I’ve seen a lot of amazing pics on Instagram and Facebook of people in front of angel wings. I Camiseta Nagoya Grampus think I saw them on RHOBH too.

The art is by Colette Miller, a Los Angeles based artist. This piece is in front of Angel City Brewery.

The entire day was packed with fun and food – so much good stuff! I’m leaving out a ton, but I’ve gotta put together the LA marathon recap.

You can check out my Instagram here for a post-race picture and check-in.

Question: What was the best thing you did or ate this weekend?

Me: I loved the deviled eggs and biscuit at Manuela, the chocolate chip cookie I got from whole Foods and a new to me nut butter I tried from ProBar. Okay, I liked everything.



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