Skechers Los Angeles Marathon results as well as recap

The LA Marathon was this weekend as well as I’m just coming down from all the fun (and all the miles). This is my race recap as well as results – if you ran a race this weekend share exactly how it went in the comments and/or link to your publish about it!

First things very first – Skechers developed very remarkable Los Angeles themed gear for the marathon.
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It features the Los Angeles city skyline and  palm trees – it’s just so renowned as well as being from southern California it just gets my heart all fuzzy. I do like LA!!

The night before I opted out of the group dinner to get something from the whole Foods hot bar.

I try to eat (tons of) brown rice as well as salt or soy sauce before a marathon. My tummy was feeling a bit high maintenance all the time so I wished to stay with my routine before the race.

Apparently my routine includes cookies.

I set whatever out the night before… aka my pre race #FlatRunner

I likewise put out my  Pre-Race should Haves:

Spark drink – for pre-run & post-run

and the new to me Clif Bloks in Salted Watermelon.

LA Marathon Race Morning
I woke up 3 times before my 5am alarm since I was scared I was going to oversleep.

Finally I just got out of bed, made coffee as well as started to get ready.

Rise as well as shine! Let’s go!

Getting to the begin line:
The LA Marathon is a ‘point to point course’ which implies it starts at one location as well as ends at another.

So, everybody has to get a shuttle to the starting line at Dodger stadium or be dropped off – you end up 26.2 miles away so you can’t park there.

We fueled up before the race with this spread of bagels, coffee as well as fruit…

Oh, as well as Meb was there… so I requested a photo

Before I understood it we had to head to the starting line… my new good friends are Mandy, Keira as well as Adam.

Oh, I ought to tell them they’re my good friends because we didn’t exchange friendship bracelets. Can somebody remind me? Thanks!

LA Marathon program Tips

The LA Marathon Course: Starts at Dodger stadium as well as goes with LA to Santa Monica.

It’s a excellent program since there are so numerous remarkable landmarks as well as renowned Los Angeles sights.

You even run by PUMP (Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant featured on Vanderpump Rules).

The hardest part of the program comes around mile 4 – there’s a huge quite steep hill.

The finest parts of the program are all the landmarks – as well as there are a great deal of renowned Los Angeles scenes to delight in as well as some LA Marathon favorites:

The Hollywood sign, flourishing Chinese drums, walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Clif Bar aid station, drag queen cheerleaders, 24  firemen standing outside their terminate station, Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Blvd…

The sun increased best around the starting time. The weather condition was relatively great (for the LA marathon at least) in the low 60s for many of the race.

I used the Skechers GoRun 5. They are very lightweight, have a excellent heel to toe ratio as well as are one of the most cost effective solid running shoe choices on the market. I wear a surprisingly lightweight shoe for the distance I run as well as my size, however this works for me. always get the best running shoe for you, your foot, strike, distance, goals, size, etc.

I’ve been training in the GoRun5 for a while now. I started with just utilizing them for tempo runs, was pleasantly amazed as well as used them for long runs, short runs as well as even running to the liquor store. everything works.

I discovered this fun Shamrock skirt in the bit girl’s section at Walmart for $5.00. It had liner beneath I cut off.

And ProCompression socks are always my go to for compression sock choices in 101 colors as well as designs.

LA Camiseta Tigres UANL Marathon program Pics
It’s difficult to see in this photo however the Hollywood indication starts peeking from behind the buildings best after this part of the race…

My race:

I didn’t feel very fast so it wasn’t difficult to keep myself from going out as well fast. My legs did not want to run quick – which I believed was a truly poor indication as well as frightened me a little.

I found a few good friends running as well – Pam as well as Carlee both about 7 as well as 11 miles into the race. Then, Pam ditched me, Carlee told me to ditch her. No difficult feelings. That’s the great thing about running good friends who have been doing it for a long time – we recognize you gotta work with what you got that day.

I wished to do the second half of the race quicker than the very first half, however I was not feeling strong. I essentially just counted down up until the Sole Runners aid station. They are always around mile 18 to 19ish. I didn’trequirement aid so much as I needed a distraction to keep me going.

When I saw it I found Leann as well as ran directly for her. She provided me a genuine HUG (even though I was sopping with sweat as well as she was not) as well as that made me feel much better as well as I essentially ran away.

Yeah… I hugged my good friend who I haven’t seen in months when I was very sweaty, barely stated 1 word to her as well as then ran away… who am I?

Then, over the next few miles…  I contemplated exactly how I utilized to state I don’t like hugs when in truth I don’t like poor hugs. That’s since Ben is the world’s finest hugger as well as it spoiled me. If you are going to hug me ought to ideally be my size or bigger as well as truly provide a great capture or just let me avoid it. Thanks.

And those random thoughts ^^^  are the type of delirium that seem 100% typical after 3 hours of running.

I hit a wall around mile 20 as well as wished to walk since I was around a great deal of runners who were majorly hitting their own walls. Boo! It was difficult to push on when I felt like we were all fading.

I completed my Clif shot (mocha for life) as well as just kept running. Finally, by some Christmas marathon miracle I got a second (or perhaps third or fourth?) wind as well as felt great. The last three miles of the race I pushed it. I stopped taking a look at my view hours before (probably around mile 8) since I wasn’t feeling great. So, I wasn’t sure what speed I was running however I figured it had to be quicker than before!

After the surf City Marathon I sent my splits to SR as well as she stated I’m the worst as well as went out as well fast. So I was on a objective to do at least one of the last miles quicker than the one before so I might text her as well as tell her I’m NOT the worst, perhaps just the second worst.

I truly felt great the last 3 miles – it was weird. I was doubting if I saved as well much in the tank. I don’t understand where that 3rd wave of energy came from however I’m so pleased with exactly how I felt at the end.

(Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty pictures for LA Marathon)

Skechers performance Los Angeles Marathon 2017 done in  Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca 3:47:07

Post race I celebrated. Hard.

Run hard. celebration harder. Repeat.

Question: Did you RUN this weekend? Did you run the LA Marathon or one more race?? tell me!

Feel totally free to share your random run or race – as well as link to your blog or social media.

Sometimes links in the comments don’t show up best away, however I’ll push it with spam if it gets stuck.


Disclaimer: This publish is part of a  partnership with Skechers. All opinions as well as views belong solely to the blog owner.



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