Sports legislation attorney Scott Andresen comments on business taking advantage of Cubs’ Success

Your team’s hot, so you get this idea. Why not go to CafePress as well as offer the teams logo-ed tees as well as hats. take advantage of the moment, right? who doesn’t want to make a quick buck?

Really, truly poor idea.

Take last year’s Cubbie’s success in the playoffs, leading to Camiseta Cerezo Osaka a world series Championship. Rogue vendors came out of the woodwork as Camiseta Vissel Kobe well as the Cubs as well as MLB went to work—diligently in the quest of anybody practicing trademark infringement.

And they clamped down on everybody with the support of the Chicago authorities Departing, putting unauthorized vendors out of company on the spot.

Now counterfeiters can difficulty “overzealous trademark policing in Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Brasil court.” however that’s one more poor idea. Litigation’s costly as well as a losing proposition for the counterfeiters.

As specified by Scott Andresen, creator of Chicago legislation firm Andresen & Associates, specialists in the fields of sports as well as trademark law, “My guidance to somebody pinched selling bootleg tee shirts would be to beg for forgiveness, state you’ll never do it again, pay a sensible settlement as well as relocation on with your life.”

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