That Time I (almost) discovered a Dead Body on a Run

Well, it was bound to happen. After years of running  around random southern California running paths I was bound to discover a dead body eventually, right? Yes.

Everyone understands runners are the ones that discover dead bodies. 88% of legislation & order SVU episodes begin off with some random jogger turning a corner as well as virtually tripping over a body barely hidden under a handful Camiseta Montpellier HSC of leaves. as well as since .88% of what you see on TV is true, I figure it’s basically exactly how all crimes are discovered.
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Finally  it was my turn to stumble across a special victim. I figure all the hours I’ve spent listening to random ‘true crime’ podcasts plus the OJ documentary as well as mini-series had truly prepared me for this. I was prepared to do my task as a jogger, or jobber if you will.

This morning I only had 4 miles on the agenda, just a short shake out run at an simple pace. I was going along when I noticed areas of blood on the path. It was a quite long line of drops / smudges of blood that went on for a while. I took note of the frequency, consistency, color as well as taste of the blood.

Hmmm. This definitely wasn’t just some drops of cherry popsicle.

So, I did what any type of other amateur detective would do = I stopped to take photos of it. I tried to keep in mind details of the scene to tell the authorities later (and likewise for the book I understood I’d ultimately compose about this tragedy).

I was doing a short out as well as back run so when I came back past it once again I realized the drops of blood were telling me the story of what happened. The drops were not in a directly line. They were on both sides of the path. They seemed to be consistent in amount of blood – which stated the sufferer didn’t try as well as blot it or anything.

These were all signs!

The truth that the path of blood type of zigzagged along the walkway seemed to state the sufferer cut himself/herself however then wished to walk up the path. No. They wished to walk into the flower bed. Then, they wished to go to the left… nah, perhaps the right? as well as turn back around all together as well as go the other way. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

I believe it means it was a dog.

It looked fresh, not from overnight as well as there are mainly walkers with their dogs in this area. It didn’t look like a drip from a wound. as well as my dog has cut herself on the sprinklers in the lawn before as well as left a similar trail.

Case solved. What do ya got next for me chief?


When I got back my Web was moody as well as I was running out of time so I headed to Holy bible study. After research study I came back house to do a stamina workout with Beachbody on Demand.


Oh! as well as something super nice occurred to me today too!! I have to share since it made me so happy…

A few weeks back I told one of my new Holy bible research study good friends that I liked her cross necklace. I’ve been wanting one of those cross pendants that attaches at the top as well as bottom for the longest time!! I must have truly raved about it since she kept in mind as well as this morning she brought me a gift.

She bought me a cross necklace! exactly how wonderful is that?

I have truly only understood her for a few weeks (I’m new to this group as well as this Holy bible study). We have basically  just satisfied as well as she kept in mind what I stated as well as bought me one. That is the sweetest thing ever as well as I truly appreciate it.

I feel like I want to do something nice for her as well as I don’t even understand what. I am going to get her address from our group leader to at least send a say thanks to you. It was just truly thoughtful.


Question: Do I make a great detective? should I go to detective institution as well as retire from the blog?

What else might I have / should I have done?



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