The well-known Pastizza recipe from Amy Schumer’s book

Hello! I have an announcement on an essential series I’m doing this week on RER so check it out and play along! but first let’s talk about Amy Schumer’s book and all the amazing recipes I got from girl with the lower Back Tattoo. (Except there aren’t actually any recipes or running in the book, but she does talk about food a lot.)

I listened to The girl with the lower Back Tattoo while walking and running this week. That’s my jam. I don’t read actual books with words and stuff, but I Camiseta SC Braga will listen one in a week easy peasy.

I will save my favorite things about Schumer and her book for another day. Today I’m sharing two outstanding recipes food ideas that I got from reading listening to her (she read her book for audio and I love it).

1. Scones. She discussed loving a certain vegan scone from some outstanding nyc bakery.

The problem with listening to a book that’s describing food while you take a walk is you can really think of it and you’re working up an appetite so as you Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Estados Unidos go along you get a much more and much more intense craving for it.

By the end of the chapter where she discussed a scone I was on a mission to have one whatsoever costs.

Seriously – I went home, grabbed my automobile keys and headed to my local health foods store to purchase a scone at 8pm on a random Thursday evening.

Except, they didn’t have any fresh scones (what was I expecting that late at night?) so I chose to purchase a mix and bake them. I grabbed a gluten totally free scone mix and chocolate chips.

Next thing you know I’m feasting on a whole batch of scones while catching up on trash TV. Yep, quite the fancy life I lead, right?

This made a lot of scones! They weren’t life changing, but they were good. and when they came out of the oven they were magic.


The next day I somehow managed to chip my tooth. Well, I actually chipped it a few years ago and the little piece the dentist stuck on there fell off!

I practically called 9-1-1 (because I am a hypochondriac).

Instead I chose to fill the void (in my heart and in my tooth) with another Schumer ‘recipe’…

2. Pastizza – Pizza that you top with pasta.

A few times Schumer mentions that she loves pasta. She also suggests ordering a pizza and ordering pasta. Then, putting the pasta on the pizza to make Pastizza.

Bonus tip: eat this while you are falling asleep to have sweet dreams of falling into a warm bowl of buttery mac n cheese.

The much more I thought about this the much more I realized that I was hungry.

I was hungry specifically for pizza and pasta. So the next thing you know I’m baking up a frozen pizza and cooking pasta at the same time (I don’t have Schumer’s paycheck and that damn gluten totally free scone mix cost a pretty penny so I couldn’t just purchase take-out this time).

Luckily the pizza and pasta cooked up in 20 minutes flat! and my place smelled like Italian Heaven.

(I mixed the pasta with  a little pasta water, laughing Cow cheese and parmesan cheese.)

I would highly recommend pairing this meal with a good white wine. Or red wine.

Actually – mix white and red red wine because we’re mixing pizza and pasta already!

The point of these two Amy Schumer inspired eats is this:

If you tell me about any kinda food from scones to pizza or from pickles to waffles…

I will need to eat it within 24 hours or my brain can’t think of anything else. I think I might have some form of obsessive compulsive disorder, but instead of keeping anything organized or clean in my life I just get obsessive and compulsive about a random dessert I saw in passing on a commercial playing in the background of the nail salon.

Don’t judge. I’m going to start wearing a (food stained) ribbon to spread awareness.

Now let’s talk about running…

I did an 18 mile run yesterday. It was pretty good except I saw what I thought was the world’s most significant big on the path! And it [turned out to be] a crayfish? Crawfish? Some sorta lobster guy?

After I shared a video on Instagram of my new pal Shelly, I saw a few much more in the water. It’s just so random because it’s just a stream in Laguna Hills that is in some cases completely dry.

The weather was ideal for running and I’m pleased that I stuck with it even though I was getting a little bored and hungry by the end.

Runner safety Week

This week is Runner safety Week on RER. This is a blog series I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Bélgica put together because of recent attacks on runners that have made the news. multiple attacks on women within a few weeks brought attention to this issue, but I feel like we hear about random attacks periodically and kind of let it go because ‘it didn’t happen to me’  or wasn’t down the street. This happens way too typically and it shouldn’t.

I don’t want to be scared to run alone. I don’t want anything bad to happen to me or you.

We really need to stop and assess our running habits. Are you really making the best choices to stay safe?

This week I’m going to cover 5 differenttopics on how to be safe while running. Please read these messages and really think about how, when, why, where, with whom… you are running.

Come back tomorrow for the first runner safety post. Share it with your runner pals or at least bring up these topics so they’re thinking about their safety too.

Question: would you rather have a scone or pastizza?



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