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Hi! How’s it going? Over here it’s been a little challenging. I am trying to figure everything out with the men (including Vegas, Ben and the man at Yogurtland who’s concerned I come in too much) in my life. I don’t really know what’s next exactly but I do know it’s going to be okay. The tension of the unknown is hard though, ya know?

I shared this on Instagram but in case you’re reading RER and need a little hug best now…
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Two years ago I was frightened and sad before meeting up with Ben and texted my three lil pals to pray for me. Bri responded with Psalm 23 and it right away gave me some peace. It seems like a strange Bible verse if you’re not in a life or death situation but when you feel like everything is crumbling it certainly helps.

You know what else helps?


Supposedly chocolate does make you feel better – but only for 3 minutes! (That’s why I have to keep eating it!)

If chocolate doesn’t make you feel better – maybe a cat will?

I found this lil pal yesterday on my walk. He (she?) was so friendly. That’s rare with gatos! I think he should have a home around here because there are a good handful of random cats that live around here. Either way, vegas said we couldn’t keep him.

If chocolate and a cat don’t make you feel better…

Go for a run! That helps me sometimes.

Bonus points if you can run somewhere beautiful.


You know what  makes me feel better sometimes?

New clothes – specifically new running clothes! I am digging the snake skin patter Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Canadá on these running shorts (from RoadRunner Sports).

Sometimes a well-placed photo-bomb is fun and helps your mood.

This photo-bomb is just toes and tails – which is extra random and fun so I think that’s even better.

Big outrageous salads always make me feel better too.

My favorite food makes me feel better, but it’s not in season best now so I’ll happily work out for this watermelon welcome mat.

You know what makes pancakes even better?!?!


It wasn’t a trick question.

But you know what makes it very crazy better??

A runny egg yolk.

Now all I need is to opt for a run, have some pancakes topped with an egg, cuddle a puppy and eat chocolate and I’ll be set for life!!

Question: What do you need to feel a little better today?



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