This is Why You Don’t want To Be My Friend, trust Me.

Hello! how are Camiseta Borussia Monchengladbach you? Sweaty? Oh, just me? Okay. It was so hot here yesterday I headed to my mom’s to try and amazing off the dogs. but Roxy was the only one who was willing to get into the pool. She’s a pool dog all the way. everyone else was scared. So I wet them a bit with the hose (nicely, not like I’m trying to shoo them off my lawn like a grumpy old woman getting rid of raccoons, which will some day be my fate).

Then, I had the brilliant idea to get them a bit kiddie pool!! Okay. perhaps my dad has been telling me to get them one forever because Roxy likes the water, but
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A.) Can’t get in the pool unsupervised

B.) Puts her feet in their water dish all the time and it’s disgusting.

C.) Is having a hard time swimming and climbing in and out of the pool because she has arthritis

See? She had just put her paws in the water dish and then stepped on my foot leaving a muddy paw print. She puts those dirty patas in the water all day. I bet the health department would give us an “F” on tidiness if we were trying to run a respectable doggie restaurant.

I understood the Roxican would like the pool and was hoping the puppies would like it too. Bailey is NOT a water dog so I was gotten ready for him to hide somewhere for fear of getting the smallest drop of water on his coat.

I hit up the Wal store and they were offered OUT of pools!!!

But I was on a objective so I went to Target and after asking an employee effectively found a bit kiddie pool for $10. (This is a doggie bathtub that may work too.)

I also found ice cream. unfortunately when I went to pay for it I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Irán realized they must have sliced the carton with a razor blade or something when they were opening boxes to set them out and it had a big sliced right with the side of it so I had to hand it over and leave without the good stuff. Boo.

When I got back I filled the pool with water and tried to encourage the dogs to inspect it out. (I realized California is in a drought but it was 104 degrees and we have 4 dogs that needed to drink a great deal of water and be cooled off.)

They just believed it was a big water bowl!!

I waited for somebody to climb in…. nope.

Finally my mom got some treats and lured Roxy in with them. She stood in it, but didn’t sprinkle or sit or anything. I believe the puppies will end up climbing in and/or destroying it like they do everything else we leave out. Camiseta Real Sociedad So at least there will be some fun had by all!

It’s not a super elegant dog pool but it worked and I hope it will keep them amazing and get the puppies utilized to playing in water.

And now I am going to publish the least attractive photo of me on the internet.

Okay, perhaps one of the top 26 least attractive? I’ve had some genuine crazy ones in the past…

This is also the #1 reason you don’t want to be my friend…

Now that SR is gone I have made a new friend, my only pal to be exact – Katie.

Katie is a nurse Practitioner. Katie is pretty. Katie is smart. Katie tries to hug me (don’t be like Katie on that one). Katie is nice and responds to my text messages even when they are photos of my boogers that I feel are an strange color or me freaking out about having Red Fever.


I have a rash and sent her a photo of it. because that’s what I do. She is a saint because she responds with valuable information and doesn’t block my number even though I’m sure she doesn’t want to see random photos of my body parts.

Moral of the story: I have a rash on my neck. and I send truly weird photos to people so risk-free yourself from rashes and hypochondriacs by not being my friend. You’re welcome.

For the record the rash is a great deal worse in person but the illumination was super bright there and my selfie camera isn’t super HD so it didn’t come out that dramatic, but it is super bumpy and pink.

Oh, and we ate tamales. The end.

Question: how did you stay amazing this weekend?



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