Bellator competitor Fined $5K For publish fight F Bomb

As reported by MMAFighting Bellator’s Danny Sabatello has got a $5K fine by the Mohegan tribe department of athletic regulation complying with utilize of the F word in a publish fight interview.

Sabatello defeated opponent Leandro Higo as well as during the publish fight interview was quoted as follows:

“I was told if I swore in my post-fight interview, I may Camiseta Atalanta BC get fined….So it’s a great thing I don’t provide a f***! I just beat an absolute animal, as well as not one of you is going to do s***! You want to do something? are available in right here right now as well as do something.”

Mohegan president Mike Mazzulli obviously mentioned rule 21 of the MMA Unified Rules, which prohibits “use of abusive language in the fighting area.” Mazzulli was quoted as complies with by MMAFighting ““I stated just be respectful of the sport, that’s all I ask, as well as don’t push…You heard him standing there saying, ‘I’m going to get fined, however I don’t care.’ So he got fined.”

The rule Camiseta Feyenoord prohibiting “abusive language” has the below footnote in the latest printing of the MMA Unified Rules.

The utilize of abusive language is not allowedduring MMA competition. It is the sole obligation of the referee to determine when languagecrosses over the line to abusive. It should be remove that fighters can talk during a match. Themere utilize of auditory language is not a infraction of this rule. examples of abusive languagewould be (Racially inspired or Derogatory language)

There is a great disagreement that the spirit of this prohibition was not violated.

Sabatello might think about appealing. One key to administrative legislation is the fair as well as consistent application of a rule. If other fighters have utilized similar language that the Mohegan regulator did not permission Sabatello has a great disagreement that his fine is arbitrary as well as should be set aside.

Barring that the Mohegan precedent is now $5K for swearing.

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