Healthy tiny Stuffed Peppers recipe

I’ve been making stuffed peppers for a long time. and recently I’ve become obsessed with tiny peppers for snacking (I am so over carrots ideal now). The other night I combined them to make tiny stuffed peppers. These would be a terrific appetizer or potluck dish!

You can really make them your own by cooking your go-to ground turkey seasonings (or meat Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Senegal option of your choice). I had leftover spaghetti sauce and made a decision combining it with the tiny peppers would be a terrific healthy snack or light meal.
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Healthy Mini-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

The filling: ground turkey cooked with garlic, S&P, onions, jar of marinara sauce <- you can use your favorite meat and sauce option. To build the tiny stuffed peppers: cut each pepper length wise and clean out the little seeds. Tip: You can tap the peppers hard on the cutting board and Camiseta Valencia a lot of of the seeds fall out.

Fill eat tiny pepper with the cooked turkey & sauce mix. top with green onions, cheese or whatever you like.

Most of the time you bake the bell peppers when making standard stuffed peppers. but I love the combination of the sweet crunch of the minis and the savory filling. I didn’t bake or cook them to soften at all.


The tiny stuffed peppers were delicious but the incredibly low-cost but high alcohol white wine I found the other day was just okay. I like sweet white wine and this wasn’t sweet enough for me. now you know.


And in RUNNING updates – I did a terrific tempo run this morning!! It was the best. I needed that for my soul.

I did 6 tempo miles but had to stop a few times at the end of half mile or mile splits because I BROKE MY MUSIC!!?!

I think I accidently deleted a bunch of songs on my phone because I kept getting that “Storage Full” message and I just went wild deleting a ton of random folders. now it just keeps ‘thinking’ for a bunch of the songs. has this ever happened to you?

But to make it better I saw some baby ducks this morning. Love.

Question: Did you have a good workout today? has this music thing ever happened to you?



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