How to Make Poached Eggs the easy way

Hi! I indicated to just do a quick ‘hello’ but got news that I’m a finalist for a Hispanicize Tecla award (!!) – so I want to celebrate that! It’s such an honor. and I learned how to make poached eggs this morning. flourish and boom! If only I could have a celebratory drink – then, I’d be on cloud 9! But, the 10 day challenge is challenging me not to drink. Bah.

Let’s start with running… I had a good 13 miles run in the morning. It’s getting warm here, but the mornings are still great and amazing – best for running.
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Vegas showed his support for my marathon training by hugging my stinky socks. Thanks?

Then, I made a decision I would make poached eggs.

Well – actually I thought about it before my run. I woke up and sipped spark while perusing the Internet for randomness.

I have wanted to make poached eggs for a while and finally googled it and saw it’s surprisingly easy! So, when I got back I made poached egg toast and later made fancy Camiseta US Sassuolo avocado poached egg bodillos for Ben.

Ben wasn’t around while I was eating so I waited to make another batch. Poached eggs have to be fresh because re-heating them would cook the runny yolk too much.

How to make poached eggs:

^ This is from memory. I read 3 sites for recipe directions and they all has generally the same easy steps. I memorized the timing – I think that is the secret. just depend on that it’s going to work and don’t check them.

Oh – see that broccoli on the side of the pan… ^^^

Yeah, I forgot I was roasting broccoli last night. I was trying to meal prep and considering that the oven was on for dinner I added a pan of broccoli. It roasted and I turned the oven off and went to eat dinner…

I absolutely forgot about it until I was running this morning. Camiseta Tottenham Hotspur Luckily, I convinced myself it was fine and I could still eat it.

I tasted it and it was good so I ate a bunch with breakfast and put the rest in a container for later. Boom.

There was also fruit and spark and crackers with cheese at some point in the day…

And someone asked what I put on my salads….

This depends on the day and my mood. but I mostly stick with the exact same dish for months and months until I get sick of it.

Right now it’s Bolthouse Salsa Ranch (or regular Ranch when the store doesn’t have that kind), TJ’s sesame vinaigrette (used the last of it and threw it away before this picture), Sriracha, Bragg Aminos and often ketchup. Yes, all of those.


Hispanicize 2017 Tecla award Finalist health and wellness Creator

I didn’t even realize I was nominated for a Hispanicize  award and then saw an email this morning to the finalists. WHAT?! This is crazy awesome. I’m a finalist in the top health and wellness designer category.

This indicates a lot to me for a ton of reasons. I am very pleased to be able to share my lil health, running and weight loss journey on the internet. I’m very pleased to be Hispanic. I am very pleased if even one person feels like they can be healthier or happier or runnier or whatever when they follow Run eat Repeat. Seriously.

Thank you for reading and following me on social media. It really helps me have support,  credibility and be able to spread the running and eating love.

If you aren’t following RER on social check it out:

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Thank you so much for hanging out with me online all the time. I’ll make you a poached egg or something if you come over my house. (Or a skinny margarita considering that that’s what’s really on my mind ideal now.)

Question: have you ever made poached eggs?

Would you eat roasted broccoli that was left in the oven overnight?



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