Looks Can Be Deceiving…

looks can be deceiving… keep in mind that when you checked out this publish since this bagel/smoothie breakfast doesn’t appropriately screen the truth that this eco-friendly Monster is about a gallon’s worth of deliciousness ?

Volume eating to the 1oth degree!
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Sumo Squat
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Lateral Lunge – left

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While this appears like a bagel with cream cheese as well as jam, it’s truly chuckling Cow as well as jam. I know, I online dangerously.

The lack of looks can be deceiving as well since there must be a photo of copious amounts of watermelon inserted here. Busted!

Lunch was a hot pet dog with carrots as well as bell pepper strips on the side. however this was really a veggie pet dog full of imposter components smooshed as much as look like a hot dog!

Pop Chips are quite directly forward, so I assumption looks aren’t deceiving in this case. thanks for not sticking with the style Pop Chips! Hey, you can’t win them all.

This may look like an normal bowl of cereal served up as a snack, however in truth it is my kryptonite as well as the cereal was able to lure me into refilling this bowl three times. Fail.

This dinner of eco-friendly beans as well as veggie dogs appears like I am on a accident diet plan a health and wellness nut…

the truth is I only made my dinner “light” since I ate copious amounts of chips as well as avocado while waiting on Ben to find house for dinner. Ben has been working longer hours at his new task as well as we’ve been eating dinner truly late. This indicates I end up snacking a heap during my typical dinner as well as then still sitting down to eat with him. I believe I’m going to begin eating “dinner” solo around 6 or 7 as well as then eating a treat (which I do anyways) when he comes house to eat dinner.

I’m trying to discover figure out a plan that enables us to sit down as well as talk, however doesn’t indicate I’m eating a lot more than I requirement to out of routine or “just because”.

And finally, this may look like a tongue depressor – however it is truly the automobile for tongue happiness = an ice cream bar ?

Kitty Update: Unfortunately, the kitty was not doing any type of much better this morning as well as we had to take him to a regional shelter as well as ask them to assist him. The shelter is really a truly great one, where my household has embraced animals as well as gotten treatment for our animals in the past. They have a full vet office on the facilities as well as we’re hoping he will still discover a great home.

I feel truly poor about not being able to do more, however I kinda don’t have a “real” task ideal now as well as already have a feline as well as a dog.



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