Top 10 gifts for Runners This holiday season

By Monica Olivas

Christmas is only 40 days away! Time to get crackin’ on holiday shopping. here is a list of need to haves for the runner in your life. If you are the runner in your circle feel complimentary to anonymously pass this on to your pals and family for some inspiration
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Top 10 gifts for Runners

1. Running shoes or a gift certificate to their favorite running store. ($60-$130)

Tip: Runners need to wear certain shoes depending on their needs so Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca you need to get their normal shoe. steal one and blame it on the dog, take it to the store with you to be sure.

2. gift Certificates! ($10-$100)

Options: Certificate to their favorite restaurant. Can you say “carb-load”!?!?!

Fruit delivery boxes are amazing too. I received Harry and David pears last year and loved them. ($30-$80)

Or a Certificate for a pedicure or massage! ($20-$100)

3. GPS watch. This is a bit of a splurge so lots of runners drag their feet getting one. thankfully the price range on these is pretty large so you may be able to find one in your budget. I used the Garmin 10 for the nyc Marathon and it’s ‘only’ $130.00. My normal enjoy is the Garmin Forerunner 410.

Tina swears by the Timex watches for running and says they are incredibly easy to use. Bonus: It comes in cute colors. $112.50

4. Running clothes. This can be anything from a sports bra to compression socks to a pullover. ($20-$150)

Champion sports bras (Tip: If you don’t know her size, don’t guess. Ask or get something else. Wishful thinking won’t make Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Arabia Saudita any individual wake up with DDs.)

Right now my favorites are this long sleeve tee from new Balance. I wore it yesterday for fancy pictures.

Capri season is here. I dig the Brooks Infiniti Capris and I always dig ProCompression socks.

5. fuel or a water bottle. ($10-20) I dig Nuun and Clif shot Blocks

6. Running accessories – Sunglasses, Hat, Visor, Gloves… ($20-$100)

Tip: Touchscreen gloves are incredibly valuable if your runner uses their phone or a touch screen enjoy to track time/distance.

7. Running books ($12-$20)

I just received a copy of No Meat athlete and I love it. full review to come, but I wanted to include it.

And this is an oldie, but goodie – Mile markers is probably still my favorite running book so far.

8. Medal hanger ($45-$100) My brother gotten me my first medal hanger for Christmas a few years back and it was the best present I received that year.

Now my SportHooks RER medal hanger is nearly full and I need an add-on bar (which is an easy, low-cost way to extend the life of the hanger).

9. Jewelry. I love the “Run like the wind” necklace I received from Imua Jewelry.

And not this “Born to Run” bracelet is on my list now.

10. gift certificate to cheer at one of Camiseta Arsenal FC their races. (Free)

For a few a lot more ideas check out my style cart:

Macy’s Seasonal decoration · moving comfort Shorts · new balance Longsleeve Tops

Question: What’s on your holiday wish list?

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, but this post consists of affiliate links. That does not change how much you pay for the items. thank you for supporting RER.



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