Bodybuilding Radio show Hits the Century mark

PBW Celebrates 100th Episode!

Bodybuilding Radio show Hits the Century Mark

On Monday Night, “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” the radio voice of professional bodybuilding, will celebrate its 100th episode. The show that first took to the air back in June of 2005, will mark the occasion by presenting a rare visit with one of bodybuilding’s a lot of celebrated champions, Sergio Oliva. Regarded as bodybuilding’s a lot of elusive interview, the former Mr. Olympia champion will join hosts Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo for a special “100th Edition” of bodybuilding talk radio.

The appearance by Oliva represents yet another milestone for the popular show, as Cicherillo explains, “This is an exciting show because Sergio is the only Olympia champion who has yet to appear on PBW. We are pleased to have had the Camiseta Leeds United rare opportunity to interview all 11 winners of the Mr. Olympia.”

Joe Weider, the famous founder of Weider Publications, said “I know a thing or two about being a pioneer in spreading the global message of bodybuilding and fitness and pro Bodybuilding weekly has acted as a 21st century pioneer in taking that message by means of a new media format to a new audience. I congratulate them on their initiative and impressive success.“

Since the program first aired, PBW has showcased a sparkling list of bodybuilding celebrities. From Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Reg Park, all the way to Lee Haney, Franco Columbu and reigning champion Jay Cutler, the show’s popularity has been fueled by support from the a lot of famous members of the bodybuilding community. presented by supplement gigantic MuscleTech, the program enjoys several powerful promotional partnerships, including an alliance with Internet powerhouse “The relationship with PBW has been very successful for our company.” describes founder Ryan DeLuca. “We have enjoyed the listenership grow each year and we are pleased to help support a new generation of bodybuilding media.“

Developed by Dan Solomon, the show has also worked closely with the two leading magazine titles in the bodybuilding category, muscle & fitness and flex Magazine. Solomon developed the show in an effort to supply a voice to a sport that was once defined only by images and ink. “I always felt that the athletes and the Camiseta Atletico Madrid fans desperately needed a new way to follow the sport.” Solomon explains. “Before we launched the radio show, Camiseta Villarreal CF there were lots of bodybuilding fans who had never even heard the voices of their favorite bodybuilders.”

In 2007, “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” continued its growth by launching the “PBW global broadcast Network”. As a result, the show can now be heard on nearly all of the bodybuilding industry’s a lot of popular websites. In 2008, the show introduced an expanded format, highlighted by a new segment featuring bodybuilding insider Larry Pepe. Additionally, in 2008, the IFBB professional contest schedule will include the inaugural “Pro Bodybuilding weekly Championships”.

Tune in on Monday at 8pm ET as bodybuilding talk radio takes to the air for the 100th time. For a lot more information and replays, visit

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