Boston Marathon Documentary as well as Race discount rates

I truly like running. as well as eating. as well as watching movies about running while I Camiseta Santos Laguna eat snacks. So, I’m extremely excited there’s a new documentary about the Boston Marathon coming out soon. It’s called Boston: An American Running Story.

And to make it even more incredible – Matt Damon is narrating it. Boom. He’s my favorite. preferred everything.

– The very first time I went to go to Tina in Boston I asked her concerns about him non-stop.

– Then, I discovered out he ran the surf City half Marathon! I was there, I ran it that year too! He’s a runner! He should be my friend!

I don’t believe he’d really be my friend, however I can pretend when I watch the movie.

I believe a great Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Estados Unidos running movie is a fantastic method to get inspired as well as excited before a race, however this is in theaters a few days after the Boston Marathon. It will be in theaters for one night – Wednesday April 19th. You can see if it’ll be in a movie theater near you as well as buy tickets here.

I’m going to try as well as get tickets as well as since it’s on one night only it’ll be like we went together as well as we can talk about it the next day. Yeah? You in?

Speaking of the Boston Marathon… let’s talk about my training.

There’s about 38 days up until the Boston Marathon. My training is going well. I ran a strong half marathon this weekend. however my stamina to run strong past 14 or 15 miles is not there yet. That’s when it starts (or continues) to hurt.

I have to do longer tempo runs as well as quicker long runs Camiseta Southampton FC to get to the next point in my marathon fitness. I have a few races coming up as well as I believe that’s a great method for me to get in longer runs at a much better pace. It’s weird since I like to run alone, however the only time I do genuine work is at a race. I am going to play it by feel (not ear since my ears don’t have a big effect on my stamina) as well as see exactly how I recuperate after LA to assess when to begin tapering.

My lil 10 day cleanse is going well. I have a great deal of healthy food around to make it easier to stay on track. as well as if we’re being honest… I’ve been super stressed with stuff at house as well as I’m hectic with work so even though it’s kinda not perfect why I’m not snacky, it is what it is.

Fruit is so great right now! have you had a wonderful mango? any type of ripe mango is magical. Seriously.

There’s a half marathon, 5k or 10k race coming up the weekend after Los Angeles Marathon. This is part of a race series north of LA. The RD is providing RER visitors a discount rate for 30% off. When you surface all three races in this Lake Balboa series you will be awarded a special series FINISHER MEDAL

Race discount rate for southern California series 5K / 10K / half marathon

Three fantastic races at the famous Lake Balboa bike path at Woodley Park

March 26 – Cottontail half Marathon 5k 10k,

May 28 – Lake Balboa half Marathon 5k 10k,

Sept 24- gather half Marathon 5k 10k,

Use discount rate code: RER30



Do you have a preferred running movie?

Are you going to see the Boston movie?



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