Max Holloway on brain health “Protect Your Chickens!”

Max Holloway sat down with Luke Thomas and had an in depth conversation about lots of interesting topics. One worth highlighting here are Max’s comments on brain health.

I spend a lot of time talking about brain health, smart training, mileage and damage on this site. No fighter wants to listen to a lawyer about training. So listen to a champion. Holloway has some wisdom on cumulative damage that all young fighters must listen to. The conversation spans about five minutes starting Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca at the 25:50 mark

Thomas questioned Holloway about worries of cumulative damage observing and asking “I do worry about the amount of damage you have taken over the course of your career. Do you?“

Holloway replied

“Not really. … I understand Camiseta Paris Saint-Germain what you people see. You people see me in these wars and these fights, right. So in your people mind you people are not thinking of the training….I don’t have no wars in the gym. I do no sparring. I don’t get my head hit in anything (on purpose)….I don’t spar anymore. We don’t do no hard rounds. everything is much a lot more smarter…We are not cracking each other like how we would. before my training was worse than the fights! …. “

Thomas went on to ask Holloway about his observations in the industry normally “Do you think fighters, in general, take enough care about that kind of thing (reducing brain trauma)” to which Holloway commented as follows:

“Personally, 100% if you ask me I say no. and I say this to all the fighters out there. secure your chickens…You people only get one (brain)…You people want to be around. I want to be able to throw balls with my great grandkids….I want to be in great, hard shape whenever I need to do life. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair I don’t want to not be able to put a sentence together for my kid or my great grandkids. At the end of the day do your job, secure yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The only person you are hurting is yourself. never ever be afraid to ask someone for help“

Protect your chickens!


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