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While I am not prepared to put a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” label on Run,Eat,Repeat – I did have a complete satisfaction associated revelation today.

I discovered myself snacking after breakfast as well as lunch today as well as understood it was tension related. But, I likewise realized my meals weren’t what I really desired – they were what I believed I ought to have.
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I am less likely to randomly eat if I am satisfied with  my food options (Intuitive eating at it’s finest). looking back on my old food pics from the last year I see so numerous random snacks as well as overeating for this reason.

While I am still trying to lose weight, I am going to try as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Bélgica well as balance eating what I want while keeping in mind staying with ww points for a few weeks as well as see exactly how that works for me.

Lunch: I was a hungry bear around lunch time so I understood protein was a great idea. I scrambled up an egg with veggies. I am consumed with cucumbers best now as well as had a heap while cooking with hummus. It’s one of those things I failed to remember I loves?

Pear, cuz that’s exactly how I’m shaped:

After work I got a facial as well as ended up getting house very late. Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Camerún I made a Camiseta Vissel Kobe large salad with large amounts of chickpeas. It appeared like this, kinda… except for not whatsoever because this is a random old photo I discovered today.

Then, I ate dessert…

however there is still no Almond Butter at TJ’s! They stated it will be in tomorrow. When I started to cry I had to tell the worker it was since I stubbed my toe on the banana display. I don’t believe he purchased it though ?


I just discovered this picture of a excellent run – 4 miles in 35 minutes! I requirement to get back there!!! This is motivation – I’m going to make this my new screen saver.

Hope you all had a less crazy Monday than me.

And if you won the Magic Bullet To-Go contest please get back to me asap!



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