Cleopatra exhibit at the CA science center

yesterday I spent the afternoon at my mom’s and headed home around 7pm. When I got there I was hungry and quickly made my usual fare: cheese and egg quesadilla. (I also had this for breakfast today!)

After dinner I wanted dessert but our supplies are lacking, so I had to get creative. I used up the remaining sticky marshmallows (from homemade smores) and made Kashi Heart to Heart cereal treats. The sprinkles made them significantly better
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This morning my alarm woke me up and fueled up before my long run – AB&J toast with iced coffee.

I ran 15 miles in 2:15:25

Post-long run I am always a little delirious and dehydrated. Not sure why I made a vlog as evidence… luckily (?) it won’t upload. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Then, I cleaned up fast to head out the door…

Last night my mom invited Ben and I to see the Cleopatra exhibit at the California science center with her and my little brother Matt.

First there was an IMAX movie about Egypt. Camiseta Celta de Vigo It focused on the search for King Tut’s tomb and how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and tombs.

We had a little wait between the movie and the time our tickets were for the exhibit Camiseta AS Monaco so we ate lunch. Actually, I ate lunch on the way…

I got a McD’s iced coffee without cream while everyone else ate. It wasn’t good. Shocker. Shoulda just got it with the cream.

Time for Cleopatra! I didn’t bring my DSLR cam because the last time we came to an exhibit here cameras were prohibited.

I was very surprised to see they were actually encouraged with this one!

Just thinking about how the Egyptian civilization thrived over 4,000 years ago is crazy!

These artifacts are older than I can wrap my head around. It’s beyond amazing how good they still look.

Alexandria, where Cleopatra called home, was destroyed by a series of natural disasters and is now under water. So, finding artifacts and piecing together the history has been a substantial challenge for researchers.

After Cleopatra’s death the Romans “re-wrote” her life story and destroyed most likenesses of her so we don’t really know what she looked like.

Two years ago I saw the Mummies exhibit with Matt and my mom at the science Center.

Matt has grown so much (but still hasn’t mastered keeping his eyes open for pictures)!

We had a terrific time

Toward the end of our exploration I started to get super hungry and my mom saved the day with a baggie of trail mix in her purse. I needed that.

But, I was still pretty hungry so we got dinner as soon as we were close to home – Hawaiian BBQ. I got the Mahi Mahi with brown rice and devoured it.

I also stole a few bites of Ben’s Macaroni Salad. I love mayo based salads what what.

Now I’m blogging on the way home. There may be will definitely be a pit stop at Yogurtland



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